What is KameCrypto?

KameCrypto is a cryptocurrency newsaggregator. It is definitely not the first, and I suspect not the last. The main thing it has going for it, is that it attempts to group articles by topic. Almost like techmeme does (just not as well 😎 )
Currently, it only aggregates news from 4 news sources. Depending on interest, I will add more sources going forward

Why KameCrypto?

KameCrypto is my first side project. I built it to learn Python, as well as get my feet wet with web development. I've learned a lot in the process, and I can only imagine that trying to scale KameCrypto and make it more robust will only lead me to learn more about the ins and out of building, improving, and maintaining a web app. Also, despite its limited scope, I hope that it offers a bit of utility to visitors like you.